Chef Shannon Davis

About Chef Shannon

Life’s Investments, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 2005 in Detroit, Michigan, under the guidance of Executive Chef Shannon Davis. Life’s Investments aims to serve and create culinary pathways for two essential groups: military veterans and disadvantaged youth.

The organization's key initiatives focus on promoting Zero Waste programs, Food Bank /community food distribution, and providing comprehensive culinary education, employment training, and referrals to essential social support services.

By emphasizing Zero Waste programs, Life’s Investments not only addresses environmental concerns but also encourages responsible production, consumption, and disposal of food products. The involvement in Food Banks and community food distribution illustrates the commitment to addressing food insecurity and distributing surplus food to those in need.

Furthermore, the provision of culinary education and employment training creates opportunities for military veterans and disadvantaged youth to gain skills, pursue career paths in the culinary industry, and enhance their livelihoods.

Overall, Life’s Investments is dedicated to supporting these communities by fostering culinary education, promoting Zero Waste initiatives, and addressing food insecurity through efficient food distribution efforts, a commendable mission aimed at making a positive impact on both individuals and the environment.

“Excellent Service Makes Lasting Impressions” - Executive Chef Shannon Davis

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